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Efficiency Idea Book - Another Winner!

Garland's Idea Book Series has produced another winner, this time on the international stage. The Efficiency Idea Book, the latest in the series, has been awarded Silver for the Best Government Publication, Print or Digital in the Content Marketing more
Efficiency Idea Book
The Efficiency Idea Book is a resource that will become an increasingly relevant resource to Garland residents as energy efficiency and water conservation continue to gain importance in the success of our community. This resource provides an owner's manual identifying simple do-it-yourself projects to more advanced efficiency techniques improving the quality of light and air in your home.

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Garland Neighborhood Management Academy


A big thanks to everyone who participated in the Fall GNMA Classes!

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D.I.Y. Garland

D.I.Y. Garland is a partnership program providing guidance and support for homeowners seeking to complete home improvements to existing homes. 

● We Provide Education ● We Build Partnerships
● We Improve Homes  ● We Make a Difference

In 2014 the Build Days will take place in Carriagehouse Neighborhood. For more information you can visit or email