Neighborhood Association Meet & Greet

A big thank you to those who attended the Neighborhood Meet & Greet on Thursday, August 6 at the Main Street Municipal Building. We look forward to seeing you at the Grassroots Leadership Class September 9 & 16 and at the Neighborhood Summit, Saturday, October 25.

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 We would also like to thank our sponsor for the evening, Carol Taylor from Keller Williams Realty.

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Garland Residential Idea Book - 2014 Preservation Achievement Award

Preservation Dallas, an organization dedicated to preservation and revitalization, awarded the City of Garland Planning & Community Development Department the Preservation Education Award for the Garland Residential Idea Book. The award is given to those who produce publications or media which educate the general public about the value of historic preservation of historic resources.

Mayor Douglas Athas accepted the honor at the May 14 award ceremony along with Martin Glenn, Neil Montgomery and Angela Calvin Self.

The next installment of the Garland Idea Book series, The Efficiency Idea Book, will be available in the end of June 2014.

The Efficiency Idea Book

The Efficiency Idea Book, available end of June 2014, is a resource that will become an increasingly relevant resource to Garland residents as energy efficiency and water conservation continue to gain importance in the success of our community. This resource provides an owner's manual identifying simple do-it-yourself projects to more advanced efficiency techniqes improving the quality of light and air in your home.

Visit the City Departments that contributed to the development of the second book in the Idea Book Series to take advantage of the many educational tools and resources available to Garland homeowners.

Check out this great video on the 2012 Residential Idea Book, or click here to download a free copy of the book.

Garland Neighborhood Management Academy


Mark your calendars for the Fall 2014 GNMA classes. They will include:

Grassroots Leadership - Sept. 9, 16
Home Maintenance 101 - Oct. 4

Click here for more info.

D.I.Y. Garland

D.I.Y. Garland is a partnership program providing guidance and support for homeowners seeking to complete home improvements to existing homes. 

● We Provide Education ● We Build Partnerships
● We Improve Homes  ● We Make a Difference

In 2014 the Build Days will take place in Carriagehouse Neighborhood. For more information you can visit or email

Save the Date!

Healthy Living Expo  
September 27

Annual Neighborhood Summit
October 25